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Immediate Annuity Rate

You can check annuity rates on an immediate fixed annuity or other type of annuity through several sources on the Internet. It is also recommended you get an annuity rate from your financial planner as not every annuity rate is posted on the Internet.

Immediate annuities don’t have a published interest rate, rather, they have a factor per $1,000 invested.  For example, in Comparative Annuity Reports you will find a table of factors for a single premium immediate annuity from several annuity companies. You can find for example a factor of 7 for a male age 75.  This means for every $1,000 deposited, he will received $7 per month from the immediate annuity company.  You can find other fixed annuity rates in Comparative Annuity reports and also by using this immediate annuity calculator.  To get an immediate annuity quote, we like

The fixed annuity rate on a deferred annuity is expressed as an annual interest rate such 3.5%. A variable annuity rate is impossible to express as your rate of return will be determined by the investments you choose within the annuity.  There are a few sources on the Internet to peruse for the best annuity rates:,, and Variable Annuities Online.  On these sites you can find both fixed annuities rate and also life annuity rates (life annuities are a type of immediate annuity).

Note that there are sometimes special annuity interest rates offered.  You would only know about these from an insurance agent or financial advisor.  An insurance company may have a “sale” and tack on a bonus rate for a short period such as 2 weeks.  They may increase their immediate annuity rates by 20 to 50 basis points to attract capital.

Steer clear of sites that force you to register to get fixed annuities rates or immediate annuity quotes as you will need to wait for an agent to call you back.  The sites mentioned above provide online quotes and rates on fixed immediate annuities and deferred annuities.

This brief glossary may help you make sense of items you see above.

Current annuity rates – the rates you will find, typically for fixed annuities, on the web sites listed above.

Pension annuity rates – because many pensions are settled by providing the retiree and immediate annuity, these are sometimes referral to as pension annuities.

Immediate variable annuity – you make a single deposit for a stream of payments (either for a term of years or lifetime) and your payments depend on the performance of the investments you have selected inside the variable annuity.

Immediate payout annuity - just another term for immediate annuity where payments to the investor begin immediately.  This is typically purchased at retirement.

Keep in mind that the highest annuity rates are fleeting.  What you see published today may change tomorrow as companies can changes rates and immediate annuity payout factors at any time.

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